Heatproof enables barcode identification for automatic tracking
and management of materials throughout the supply chain,
improving tracking and eliminating costly human error.

How do you apply the label / tag?

Application can be by hand, manual applicator, semi-automatic applicator or fully robotic system.
We can design an approach to fit your application, budget and location.

How do you print the tag?

On site, using a relatively low cost thermal transfer machine (widely available).

What type of barcode can be used?

Almost any type, as the label software is very flexible. We’ve found that due to the surface texture of the metal, code 39 or Interleaved 2 OF 5 tend to be the most widely used by our customers.

Can the 2D barcodes be printed on the labels?

Yes 2D barcodes systematically show data using two-dimensional symbols and shapes to enable a smaller label and more reliable read rate. They are similar to a linear 1D barcode, but can hold more data per unit area. These include some newer barcode types such as the QR Code and Data Matrix. 2D barcodes can be printed on Heatproof products, using a thermal transfer machine.

Do you send samples for testing?

First, we need to fully understand all aspects of your application to select the correct product. For some applications we can post a sample for you to test, in other cases we’ll suggest a visit to test a few options on-site with one of our bespoke label applicators.

What support do you offer?

We’ll help you with everything you need for printing and applying the labels. We understand that every customer’s demands are different and take a very flexible approach.

Can we see a label / tag being used for application?

This can be a challenge, as most customers won’t let competitors on site to see their facility.
However, a few will – so it’s worth asking us the question.

How many years have LINTEC EUROPE (UK) LTD been selling the Heatproof range?

Since 2005 – and Heatproof products are now used for over 150 applications, by industry producers worldwide.

Will Heatproof products work on every application up to 1250°C?

No. There are still some challenges when it comes to specific metals, acid treatments, uneven surfaces.
That’s why we continue to develop new products in the range; ten years ago, we started with three products
and today we have over 35… and rising.

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