The Heatproof series ensures reliable identification for metal producers and re-processors. The products’ specialist top coating and adhesive properties enable variable data to be added to production lines by hand or automatically.

Poorly identified metal leads to costly,
time consuming problems:

  • Mixed batch numbers
  • Incorrect identification
  • Liability issues
  • End-user product identification issues
  • Lost inventory and tracking
  • Reading and writing errors

Using Heatproof barcoded labels
and tags will:

  • Reduce risk of human error
  • Improve safety
  • Reduce liability issues
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve visibility in the storage yard
  • Enable better tracking and management throughout
    the supply chain
  • Enhance customer service

Heatproof applications: (Click on your application)

Label and tag products which can be applied up to 700°C and pass through various re-heating processes. These blank label or tag materials can be supplied to client specific dimensions and then printed on site by the end-user with a thermal transfer machine. This allows total flexibility to create variable data labels or tags for aluminium products.

Durability during homogenisation

Heatproof barcode labels will withstand the rigours of the homogenising processes: the HP300 and HP350 label material and printed barcode image can survive temperatures up to 600°C for over 24 hours (depending on the application). Such accurate, reliable identification helps remove the possibility of mixed alloys and mixed drops in continuous or batch homogenising systems. The identification process is also made faster and more accurate through the use of an automated application system.

Label design, print and application

Heatproof labels can include a wide range of text, 1D and 2D barcodes. The design software is easy to use and has the flexibility to include all necessary information in very small or large text layout. This allows for both long range scanning of barcodes and human reader-friendly text.

Labels can be printed using relatively low cost thermal transfer printers, a proven industrial machine for label and tag printing. There are a variety of application methods depending on temperature, number of labels and budget – we have manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic systems available and can advise you on the best approach.

Which Heatproof product?

We can advise whether a Heatproof self-adhesive label, tag or heat activated label is best for your purposes, based on the following factors:

  • Application temperature
  • Texture of the surface
  • Reprocessing temperature and duration
  • Budget
  • Removability


  • Select the right product for your application
  • Advise on design of labels / tags
  • Advise on application technique depending on temperature, speed, budget and location
  • Liaise with local companies for supply and support for the printing machine
  • Through our partners, provide support for any applicators supplied worldwide


  • Ingots
  • Coils
  • Pipe
  • Bar
  • Shape
  • Wire rod
  • Sheets

Application Sectors

  • Construction
  • Transport
  • Power Lines
  • Packaging
  • Appliances and industry

Heatproof label and tag for hot metal - Aluminium high temperatures

See our Heatproof labels withstand temperatures from 400°C to 1250°C

Heatproof - Hand application of label on hot aluminium - label and tag for hot metal - Steel, Aluminium

Heatproof - Barcode label on aluminium label and tag for hot metal - Steel, Aluminium
Thermo tranfer printer Heatproof
Heatproof - Heat activated label hand apply label and tag for hot metal - Steel, Aluminium
Heatproof - barcode label on aluminium label and tag for hot metal - Steel, Aluminium

Heatproof is the only solution for the application
of in-house printed labels and tags for use in
extreme temperatures of up to 1250°C.

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