LINTEC EUROPE (UK) LTD is a leading supplier of pressure sensitive films for a diverse range of applications. Our bespoke development provides our global customers with innovative labelling and graphic film products that deliver real business advantage.

We are ISO 19001 and ISO 14001 accredited.

Established 22 years’ ago for the development and sales of label products for demanding applications including extreme heat, chemical and abrasion.


polyimide labels for PCB

Heatproof labels for aluminium

Over 10 years’ experience meeting aluminium and steel manufacturers extreme temperature label challenges.


Launched three Heatproof products. Today we have thirty-five…
and rising.


Heatproof label HP-CBR CX2
label for aluminium

Heatproof being used across 150 sites in the aluminium, steel, manufacturing and ceramic industries for customers in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan and the Middle East.


Our revolutionary Heatproof labels and tags can withstand temperatures up to 1250°C and re-heating processes of 1000°C for up to 72 hours.


Heatproof ceramic tray

Technology Inspired

Since its earliest days, LINTEC EUROPE (UK) LTD has recognised that a strong commitment to Research & Development is key to achieving sustainable growth. Through original technological capabilities, we continue to build upon our well-established reputation for developing products that generate demand and provide solutions across diverse international industries.

Our technical team works in close consultation with customers to develop bespoke, value added material solutions that exceed expectations. Having extensive knowledge of raw materials, coating capabilities, print methods, environmental and legislative requirements enables us to take a thorough approach to new product development.

Customer focused

The scope of our products reflects the diversity of our customers’ needs. We work closely and confidentially with you to ensure you get the right product; if it doesn’t exist, we want to invent it. This proactive attitude is also shown in our flexible approach towards minimum orders, which helps to make our products even more cost effective.

You can rely on us throughout the process, from finding the right product to advice during application. Our UK technical support centre will handle any queries you have and we can help with product training too.

LINTEC EUROPE (UK) LTD create innovative products
which deliver business advantage to our customers.

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