Heatproof enables barcode identification for automatic tracking
and management of materials for metal producers and re-processors
throughout the supply chain.

Poor identification of aluminium, steel, precious metals and ceramics can lead to mixed batch numbers, lost inventory and tracking. It can result in difficulties with identification after heat reprocessing, pickling, cooling, outdoor storage and shipping.

Such mistakes reduce productivity, incur costs
and can lead to liability issues for your business.

Existing label application method requires coils to cool for 5 days before labelling and shipping

Heatproof scheme

Heatproof label application method allows for coils to be labelled and shipped within 2 days

Heatproof scheme

Heatproof advantage:

  • Shortens stock storage time
  • Eliminates the need to identify after cooling
  • Removes risk of mislabelling and improves safety
  • Reduces man hours spent applying paper labels
  • Eliminates human error
Video heatproof tag resistance

See our Heatproof labels withstand temperatures from 400°C to 1250°C

Heatproof’s highly durable labels and tags have been designed for use in extreme temperatures, chemical exposure and harsh weather conditions. These can be used on a wide range of steel, aluminium, ceramic and precious metal applications.

Printed on-site and easily applied, they enable accurate barcode tracking of materials throughout the supply chain.

Heatproof products from LINTEC EUROPE (UK) LTD are recognised worldwide for their robust durability, thermal transfer printing quality, flexibility and cost effectiveness.

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