Heatproof is a range of label/tag materials which ensure reliable identification for metal producers and re-processors.

Pushing the boundaries of innovation is what
our business is all about.

So, when customers started asking for a blank label which could be:


on site


Be easily


Withstand extreme


Have text
and barcode

…we began developing the Heatproof product range.


Overcoming the thermal shock challenge

One of the biggest issues we had to tackle was the effects of expansion and contraction of the application surface.

Early on we found that the labels could withstand extreme temperatures but they had a tendency to crack and break up when the application surface expanded or contracted through extreme heating or cooling.

Using layers

We were able to solve these cracking and disintegration problems by developing expanding materials in the layers that make up the label. For six months we tested in ISO 9001 test ovens at an aluminium company until we perfected the top coating which could resist the temperatures whilst still being variable printed.

These expandable, flexible materials enable the label to endure long exposure to high temperatures followed by passage through cooling systems. The adhesive remains incredibly strong, the face stock remains perfectly white and intact and the barcode still scans accurately.

Heatproof label scheme

Raising the temperature

Building on our established Heatproof products for the aluminium industry, we set about modifying the materials to withstand the higher temperature demands of the steel industry.

We successfully extended the label’s heat resistance from 650°C up to 900°C and then went even further to create solutions for labels being used in temperatures over 1250°C. As a result, our comprehensive Heatproof range for labels and tags now successfully covers a wide range of temperatures and applications.

Customised to your needs

The proprietary nature of the metal business means that most customers need labels or tags ‘tailor-made’ for their own particular specifications. Our technical team works in close consultation with customers to develop bespoke, value added material solutions that exceed expectations.



“Our brand reputation is a significant part of the reason we use barcode labels.
Using professional barcode labels ensures our products are accurately labelled
preventing any chance of the wrong shipment being sent which could damage
our relationship with the customer”.

Quality Control Manager, UK Steel Manufacturer

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