Heatproof is the only solution for the application of in-house printed labels
and tags for use in extreme temperatures of up to 1250°C.

Poorly identified metal leads to costly,
time consuming correction

The use of handwritten text or stamps can lead to confusion and inventory inaccuracies. Some identification methods may not survive the extreme temperatures or subsequent reprocessing involved in the production process. This increases the risk of a customer receiving the wrong shipment as well as a potentially costly and dangerous error in the final product.


A better solution

Heatproof labels and tags enable variable data to be applied – by hand or automatically – to metals at the point of manufacture. These label and tag products are capable of withstanding harsh outdoor environments and chemical processes as well as extreme temperatures throughout production.

Once applied, a Heatproof label or tag will stay on as long as you need it to.

Benefits of barcoding

Heatproof products let you create the identification that your system requires by enabling the design and print of your barcodes and variable data information on site. Simplifying the automatic tracking and management of materials throughout the supply chain, barcoding improves efficiency and safety.

For manufacturers, Heatproof reduces the need for multiple forms, shipping and product labels. Most critically, it allows incorrect or faulty batches to be efficiently identified and removed from the production process. Customers benefit from being able to scan incoming stock and can be confident that their orders are being fulfilled with the product that they require.


The Heatproof® product range enables
metal producers and re-processors to track and manage throughout
the supply chain with consistent and efficient product identification.

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