Poor product identification will increase costs for companies, waiting times and problems like:

  • Mixing of production batches
  • Difficult to read in the stock yard
  • Product quality issue leading to product liability issues
  • Difficult to find product location in the stock store
  • Human error reading and writing exiting marking

Heatproof labels and tags, due to the barcode and the high temperature resistance, solve many of these challenges.

Our high temperature labels and tags enables metal producers and re-processors to track and manage through all the production process. From the casting to the heat treatment, from quenching to the stock yard, with consistent and efficient product identification.

Accurate identification reduces the risk of human error due to reading and writing errors.
This improves the safety of the workers and increases productivity

All these benefits help reduce the risk of potential liability issues and maximise the reliability of your business’s operations.

In addition to high temperature resistance Heatproof labels and tags offer long term outdoor durability combined with good chemical resistance. Recognised worldwide for its high durability and excellent print quality using thermal transfer printing system.
This product range is also cost effective.

Heatproof Icons

What about adding.
“Our Heatproof labels and tags allow for clear barcode identification throughout
the manufacture/casting process. The demands from Industry 4.0 required that batches can be easily traced which is
critical for all production companies. Especially if the complexity of manufacture
runs the potential risk of recall and liabilities”.

Heatproof barcoded labels and tags
help improve productivity

Heatproof high temperatures label tag

Correct information from the casting point, at high temperature, improves process control and batch identification

high temperatures label tag

Eliminate the inaccuracy of handwritten text or stamps

high temperatures label tag

Reduce customer complaints about wrong product delivery and the cost of manufacturing again