Poorly identified metals can trigger a wide range of costly, time-consuming problems resulting in:

  • Mixed batch numbers
  • Lack of visibility in the storage yard
  • Liability issues
  • Lost inventory tracking
  • Reading and writing errors

Heatproof barcoded labels and tags will help overcome all these challenges

Our Heatproof product range enables metal producers and re-processors to track and manage throughout the supply chain with consistent and efficient product identification.

Accurate identification reduces the risk of human error, improves safety and increases productivity

All these benefits combine to help minimise the risk of potential liability issues and maximise the reliability of your business’s operations.

These revolutionary Heatproof labels and tags withstand harsh outdoor environments, chemical exposure and can be used in temperatures up to 1250°C. Recognised worldwide for their robust durability, and excellent high resolution thermal transfer printing, this product range is also cost effective.

Heatproof Icons

“Our Heatproof labels and tags allow for clear barcode identification throughout
the manufacture/casting process. Batches can be easily traced which is truly
critical for all production companies, especially if the complexity of manufacture
runs the potential risk of recall and liabilities”.

Gary Dixon, International Business Manager, Heatproof

Heatproof barcoded labels and tags
help improve productivity

barcode example

Correct information at the point of manufacture improves process control and batch identification

Heatproof application example

Eliminate the inaccuracy
of handwritten text
or stamps

Heatproof examples

Reduce customer
complaints and
costly returns